Central Ukraine is a part of our country where you can taste the authentic Ukrainian food, prepared in accordance with the traditional recipes, without influence of the neighboring nations.

Ethnic Ukrainian country house “Malva Ozerna” serves only healthy organic food. We use only natural ecologically clean products grown by the local households. We can order for you the organic greens and vegetables at “Organic Villa” farm certified in Europe; we can also buy a chicken or rabbit, goat milk products or ready meals per your request from our trusted local farmstead owners.

“Malva Ozerna” is a territory of food that tastes great, no matter whether it is nutritious, or fasting, or vegetarian. For our visitors with special dietary preferences we offer a special menu, also delicious.

Our specialities are:

  • Borsch (the symbol of the Ukrainian cuisine) with secret ingredients;
  • Kapustnyuak (delicious soup with cabbage);
  • Homemade salo (the famous pork fat) of different kinds;
  • Pechenya po-kurkulsky (“Hot-pot of a man of means”, roasted potato with 5 different kinds of meat, the favorite dish of the local “kurkuli” – the rich farmers of early 20th century);
  • Kartopelka po-mykolaivsky (scalloped potatoes with bacon and spicery);
  • Deruny (potato pancakes) with homemade smetana (sour cream);
  • Varenyky (dumplings) with cherries, or red currant, or cottage cheese, or mushrooms, or boiled meat…
  • Nalystnyky (thin pancakes) with a special sauce;
  • Pundyki (sweet dough resembling cookies) with pomazanka (a special sauce);
  • Old-Slavic three-storey porridge;
  • Homemade yeast bread, cooked per old recipe;
  • Hard homemade cheeses;
  • Crucians stewed in sour cream with garlic;
  • Rabbit stewed in sour cream with caraway;
  • Pastries with greens and cheese;
  • Cookies with honey;
  • Berry pies

and others.

We offer two catering options, for your choice:

  • meals with serving: for those who want to forget about cooking and kitchen completely. You will be served two or three meals per day at the time and with menu agreed in advance;
  • catering without serving: you order the list of dishes which will be cooked by us and served in your apartments or in the kitchen. That will allow you to have meals whenever you would like to.

We serve our ethnic dishes in the traditional Ukrainian pottery, with the beautiful design and positive emotions. We are sure that our delicious dishes cooked with love, on the living fire, have magic abilities.

Enjoy your meal!