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Created for ideal eco-leisure

Mykolaivka is a small holiday village located in the area of an ancient Trypillya (Neolithic European culture that arose in Ukraine in the 5th millennium BC). The unique features of the village are undulating hills overlooking the blooming valleys, green meadows, neat farmlands and winding curves of Ros river. The contemporary way of living in the village reveals thousands year-old folk traditions and rituals.

What is also interesting about the story of Mykolaivka is that in 2000 years this village was a very abandoned place, but the life gives it a second chance to be famous and prosperous. About 10 years ago, the first residents from Kyiv came across, looking for inner peace, and they liked this place so much that they moved here and formed “the Kyiv community of Mykolaivka”. All people of this community are well-educated, intelligent and creative; the revival of the village is their priority. The locals say that time in Mykolaivka flows slower than elsewhere, and the air makes the soul younger.

We, owners of “Malva Ozerna” are among “the Kyiv community”. The first time we got here, we felt that it is impossible to find a better place for a break, change of scenery and relax, close to Kyiv.

Ecological ethnical Ukrainian country house “Malva Ozerna” is our understanding of reboot which is so necessary for many of us: high ecologic quality, comfort, spirituality and hospitability. We realized our dream! And now, we invite you to enjoy the real countryside leisure on Mykolaivka hills with the beautiful views of Ros riverside!