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«Mallow Marsh" - this eco estate, which consists of two separate areas and buildings, "MALVA" and "Malva mountains." There are currently receives guests ekosadyba "Malvy" by the pond. Ekosadyba "Malva upper" on zavershniy under reconstruction, and takes just friends. But for guests who wish to enjoy the extraordinary views of endless, pomidytuvaty on a hilltop on the herbs, meet on the morning Ros photograph or drawing view sunsets, Malva upper door is always open. Future mansion made in Ukrainian style combined with a modern vision of home. Pride home - acting oven and couch, stove wood, stove heating. So is the ability to taste or cook goodies for very drovyaniy the stove or in the oven. In the estate maintaining hozyayski yard space.

Malva mountains - is an example of rural life wealthy family for several generations.

“Malva Ozerna” (The Lake Mallow)

Hidden in the lush green oasis between the pond with huge trees and the hill with the fabulous apple orchard, “Malva Ozerna” is a cosy spot for a family retreat.
  • Land area: 10 000 sq.m
  • The total built up area is 200 sq.m.
  • Two apartments, each consisting of two rooms – sitting room and bedroom, furnished
  • The size of apartments is 30-35 sq.m.
  • Quantity of beds: 3 + 1 additional

“Malva Horishnya” (The Upper Mallow)

It is the upper household of the complex “Malva Ozerna” standing of the hill, where you can watch sunsets and meet the morning sun with the fresh cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful views of Mykolaivka village, green meadows, neat farmlands and winding curves of Ros river.
  • Land area: 7 000 sq.m.
  • The total built up area is 100 sq.m.
  • One apartment consisting of two rooms – sitting room and bedroom, furnished
  • The size of apartment is around 35 sq.m.
  • Quantity of beds: 4