Educational trails

Bohuslav City, historically- Boguslavl

Ancient cradle of Yaroslav the Wise. Visit card of the city - a monument to Marusya Bohuslavtsi and enchanted landscapes. Museum, Museum of Contemporary Applied and Decorative Art Museum Marco Vovchok, museum-estate of the artist I.Soshenka landscape park "Boguslavl».

Boguslavsky district:

  • Turchin reserved tract of forest;
  • Mountain Totoha - mound, a place of power, endowed with positive energy;
  • Marina incredible Utos- highest point Boguslavsky district;
  • Sacred places Bohuslavschyny: Rozkopantsi, bearded, Vilhovets. Wooden architectural monument of the 18th century.

Shevchenko edge

Shevchenko edge, Cherkasy route: Moryntsi village - the village Budyshche - Village Shevchenko.
Tarasova house - Engelhard manor, an old windmill, ethnographic complex Milky house, old oaks, pottery workshop and others. In Cherkassy region, is the birthplace of the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. In 1992 was created historical and cultural reserve "Motherland of Taras Shevchenko", which places 43 exhibits culture which are in three villages: Moryntsi, Shevchenko and Budyscha. Adv. Moryntsi born Taras, the son of Gregory and Catherine Shevchenko in 1814. Visiting houses Yakima Boyko (grandfather of Taras Shevchenko), Nadvornaya barns, houses Andrew copy, chapel. Familiarity with the features of the Ukrainian village life Naddnepryanschine the time. Visit the forge. Go down to the cistern popova. Visiting houses Chumak - architectural monument of the XIX century. Oak boron Moryntsi. Adv. Shevchenko (when it Kirilovka) is Ruban house clerk, where he studied Taras, from which began the bumpy ride poet writer and artist, as well as 600-year-old oak in the hollow of which, the boy hid their books. Here also are the graves of his father and mother of the poet, and his father's house literary-Memorial Museum TG Shevchenko, whose exhibits reflect the way of life poet. Village Budyshche - Engelhard manor, which belonged to Shevchenko times the land where Shevchenko and Cossack served, drew his first picture.

possible to check balances manor-estate Golitsyna, Engelhard and the park..

Town Korsun-Shevchenko, historically - Korsun

The fortified town in ancient times. Carte - handsome monument Rosich, oberihavshomu old Ukrainian peace. Museum Korsunskoyi battle, the house of Count Lopuchin Memorial Museum Stetsenka, landscaped park, regional muzeyyu.

Korsunskyy district:

  • Stebliv city and surroundings. Ancient Cossack state. Unexpectedly museum quality our great classics Nechuy- I. Levitsky Sphinx Rock, Burlachka, Mickiewicz Nechuya. The most beautiful power plant of local importance, Stone Gate, Cloth Factory 1850, female acting monastery (if you want you can spend a few days as a novice);
  • Church of the 18th century. - Koshmak village, the village of Kirov.

Bukskyy canyon

Bukskyy canyon sacred city and around it. Ukrainian fjord - unikalnyy landscape created by nature. Check hornolyzhnoho to resort to Vodianyky review. Basket tourists.