Mykolaivka – is a small holiday village located in the area of an ancient Trypillya

Created for
ideal eco-rest

On the verge of Kyiv and Cherkasy regions, bordering Boguslavsky and Korsunskoho raoyniv zahovalos among hills and lush gardens with unusual. Mykolaivka. Like many villages in our country it is beautiful and comfortable, but still has its own unique beauty, this small locality called Carpathian Switzerland or small. And who knows this area, we will not find it hidden from the eyes of an enchanted place.

You are invited to join these beauties eco mansion Marsh Mallow, who hid from prying eyes near a quiet pond in green huge trees.

We have comfortable conditions meet the requirements of time while it naturally:

  • the renovation house used only natural materials and future technologies provireni: clay, straw, lime, wood, metal;
  • due to the fact that the walls are whitewashed with lime, not covered with wallpaper or painted, the house rests perfectly and breathe;
  • a pleasant coolness Appartments achieved by construction technology, not the operation of various devices;
  • deluxe appartments and kitchen decorated with antique furniture, which restored its own.

We are happy when we are resting, but as say: "Guest at the threshold - in the house of the Lord."

We want you to find a place where you will be quiet, comfortable, safe and happy. Come. We welcome good friends.